Monday, March 6, 2017

How To Prevent Dog-Dashing

A.) Close the door.
2.) Use a biscuit.
D.) Tighten up that leash.

I don't like bringing plastic along
on my therapeudic-prairie-walks,
with my prairie-like-dog.

Sidewalks don't exist in our world
because we don't like to blend,
so we take to the middle of streets
snapping photos of us both being boss,
to keep our spirits high
while thumping intricate beats
like Roads, and The Bends,
that would make you feel lost.

So if he decides to light up your lawn
through scents one couldn't resist,
don't be a pessimist,
don't be a womanizer,
this is a glass-half-full situation,
as he barks "you are welcome"
for the fertilizer.

The greener your grass
the cooler your ass,
so smoke up
and bring a bitch home to envy you,
and maybe bring one for my pup
for always helping too.