Saturday, February 5, 2022

Perfectly Flawed

You and I 
are two in the same,
our hearts both scream
in silence...

Because the violence in our minds 
won't allow us to escape. 

I know you 
through and through, 
through Mills and Stills
and I hope for the day to come...

that you finally believe 
what I believe in you,
and feel these words
and know our hearts are true.

Sunday, January 30, 2022


Let us meet 
and then disappear 
into each other.

Still fast,
still slow 
learning one another.

we grow.

Perfect shades 
of awkward
always wandering,
and pondering life.

A gift I bet
you once were.

Past aside.

Holding clocks 
for things to turn 
in the wrong direction,
same as I,
but still I stay 
and still choose
both of our souls
to stay...


As we learn 
through each other,
within ourselves
without reflection.

Monday, September 20, 2021

My Sound of Skye

Lost in trying
thoughtful minds collide.

Beneath ourselves
within our skin 
new adventure
turning journey 
come blend 

The weather gets quiet 
when you're around
holding echoes of vibe
and time...

(My sound of Skye).

Whereas here 
I become
a student of silence
lost, in your eyes.

1, 3, 5, 7 times 
hearts explode
attacks in reference
pushing us forward
from days 
stolen before.

This is it 
we are now
we are the way 
life can still 
be profound.

A faucet of feeling
left wide open
both blood and blue
faded in waiting 
for true colour 
to pour through.

You're still a trip
falling sometimes
as I did then
and all the while
writing this.

So smile
you wear it well
cause you got it
got me...
dear friend.

Until the day
we blend 

Sunday, April 4, 2021


Life is a sick twist
and some of us deserve it.

You are a heroine
someone on a screen
that moves every person
into true feeling.

Without a sound
I think about moments
we would joust our words 
at their best...

Are we ever going to be something 
different than the rest?

I am who I am
and I see you in a different light
perfectly flawed like me
for us to unite.

those other conversations
that made you choose your way
just let us own our own days.

I know your shit
and you know mine
so maybe someday we can both
leave the past behind.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

The End of Day

At the end of day...

Tell me why you lie
If you may
With dissension
On display

Just take me this way

There is nothing here
There is nothing here
To deserve us

Flawed in all
We still dance

Under water
In repetition
Taking to life
Through chance

So speak
Through words
Feel oxygen rise

Careless thoughts
With me still
You breathe
My heart
My thrill...

{Now Read Backwards}

Coyote's Blood

Give birth
to the dream,
women, children, lyric,
then song...

To find the place where you belong.

We grew up here
in a dirty place of essence,
a lot further
than you ever knew,
in your existence.

So now join us,
and let us write together
in a moment of spite
of forever.

As we find a way
to blaze our path,
and write words...

That. Will. Forever. Last.

The Girl I Knew

I just wrote this
off the cuff
of lonely.

Speak easy,
think free,
and then
return to me.

I miss you
every day,
you are my ways of commotion
that always sway
this emotion.

I hope we will be together,
in sweater-weather.

But until that day
I will silence myself,
and learn to place my heart
on the shelf.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Old Pipe

Old man
old night
forget everyone
it's time to write.

Light the fire
light the pipe
the rocking chair
to believe
that people still exist
and will knock
down your door
to show
they still care
that you're there.

But this
is only a dream
selfish beings
can never be tamed
can never understand
faceless words of silence
still spilling
through every text
they seem to roose.

finally learn
that communication
deserves the words


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Rage At Dawn

A girl
of the last...

You are 
20% angel,
50% devil,
and 30% 
the most beautiful 
thing I have ever seen.

So which would cover everything?

Tell me 
before I fall again,
or die inside
allowing you to win.

So now 
you owe me this line
at the very least...

One last time.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Before We Go

to wherever you are.

I cheated on death today
and she was okay with it.

Her hair speaks everything to me
holding motion and time
that she can never show
as we both flow.

So let us drink these drugs
and smoke inebriation
before we go.

Let us share a glass of wine
and swap emotions
and spit
before the end of it.

Let us raw out our tongues
with lit-sticks
staring candles down for time
until they wick.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Art Out Of Art

We're all like pictures
from the negatives
that life takes of us.

So recycle me,
duct tape is mayhem
and so am I.

She doesn't listen 
to heavy makeup.

Even if you poured 
Clorox on her face
the evil wouldn't disappear.

Just as the devil
never fading time,
to hold her
is like hugging a porcupine.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Paper Towns

however many so often's
you look honest and trustworthy
to an innocent liar.

But I already love you
with all that's left
of this wounded heart
and desire.

Though some
may be better at catching your eye,
I won't ever make you feel
the same thing twice.

We were built for this,
two personalities meshed
to save two minds

So meet me there
in our town with no name,
then we can both belong
and never again feel the same.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Dance of Death

Oh be well
and with me still
as madness fades
as sure as will.

Our hearts will live 
forever long
and on 
until the cry of dawn.

Speak through eyes
our shield for lies
come dance with me
one last time.

Circle now back 
from the endless dark
and lead the light 
for us to spark.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

You Belong

A left tear falls
not from vein,
but from sickness.

Still I sleep next to you.

A jousting-being-of-words
that still helps me believe,
learning different things
as you rest aside
through syncing heartbeats.

This time,
this thing in waiting,
can always take you down
like a motherfucker.

So how long do humans wait these days
before falling for one another?

To know
when is the right time,
in this moment,
this existence,
a bliss of new
that could turn old
at any given flip
of life's switch.

Now awake
and look through me
with those empowering eyes,
and make me feel
what it means again
to be alive.

Friday, November 29, 2019

The Abyss

The emptiness
every day
inside this dark soulless taste.

Through the collective
the movement of emotions
like a fluorescent moon
to waves.

and shifting
over rocks
into changing names
uninhabited feelings

My true north
my way to you
without a compass
I search for truth.

Give me the reason
an understanding why
a cloud of expression
before we touch the sky.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sound The Alarm

You and I can own any room
at any given time.

Two sirens
calling out all indifference
against every tide.

We fill their void,
those lost souls unwilling to admit
they are faceless in a crowd.

We. Are. Profound.

Your sounds
seep into me,
a rich palette of style
and color,
unheard from any other.

It's scary
how beautiful you are aging
like an enchanted wine,
the perfect taste
sipping attention to detail,
a perfect thirst
for this palate of love
unveiled with time.

let us scan this room
like two detectives
from a time met before,
searching for everything
that our dreams conceive,
then finally see what it means
for us to believe.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


We always say
that we will get there.

someday was yesterday,
and again today.

We are all movement
without expression,
without expectation.

we are voices
beyond reason,
maybe we are Wiccan,
or something
without thinking
as they think,
without repression.

But we all belong
still and fast
to a raft, a parody,
steering our days
through waves
while we try to keep afloat.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Fade Into Light

It's time
to turn over a new leaf,
to live the lines
where this life's story leads.

Would you have gone to prom with me?

If we met way back when
and were young again?

Tell me all the songs to play
to put your heart on display,
tell me all your faults
that turned you out this way.

You change me,
explain me,
with every look you give
that had me shook
since the rest of them.

So show me everything
that I've come to believe...

In your own ways,
your own words,
before this feeling gets displaced
and our hearts decide to leave.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Jumping at Trains and Shit

The violence
underneath understanding
turns tables to a vision
where we both belong.

The whole point of life
is to minimize pain,
so I will always be there
to help keep you sane.

A newly found act of complacent
makes you endure the things 
you never should have to,
making you not see what truly means the most
like me, mac and cheese,
and french toast.

Now allow me to boast
about a girl, 
and a rapport that is still envied
and sought after by most.

You are my best of everything
and you still fill my dreams,
different scenes with rhyme and reason
to allow me to sing 
about things.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


My gift of selfish rage
seeps beneath the coils
of an indifference 
never met.

By anyone,
still something must understand,
and feel the band
that interlocks the tides
between turbulence 
and the sand.

Answer me now
and listen through waves,
somehow through language
forever estranged.

Hear the cold,
the rush to adrenaline
and back again,
say hello to the dark,
the Black,
a generation left alone,
is a time unknown.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Beach

Hey You,
tell yourself
that I miss yourself.

All the things about you
that turn me blue,
through mood rings
and things.

You're too bright for this room,
still, you light up this world,
making me believe again
in love and lust
through daylight unjust.

Night is our time
our sand,
our breeze and breath
exchanging taste,
mysterious pleasure
blowing our past away.

I'll see you again
see you soon,
in a different place to covet,
another sea,
another room.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Our Ghost

now implore me,
show us
what normality can be.


Source to source
through dreams,
evoking the tempered pulse
within thieves.

Better than a car crash
unite our souls,
deeper through substance
all our ways, all we feign.

When was the last time you got excited for the rain?

Let us dance in it
then write us again,
two different scripts
filling our film, reeling our story,
two dark souls
forever ascending free.

A touch of fear
now stage our desire,
check the locks one last time
while suspense covers bliss,
and misery observes us
before we both turn to rust.

Now fill the air
with our obsequious affection
toward the sky...

We are few of kind.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

We Are Giants

in a suburban town
life can feel profound.

Through light shades
sought memories,
and thoughts of past.

Light now gaze
through trees, alas!
One of two,
one of the same,
a joining of essence
with no one left to blame.

Undeniable feeling now come
as green statues sway,
oxygen inhale us
the way we are, the way we were,
our own cinema 
giving up dismay.

Cleanse their minds
now come persona,
lift up those hearts that don't believe
in our genre of karma.

So settle fast
settle still,
you are the only
my only...

Such a life
such a thrill.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Fade Descent

This rebellious air
threatens the cadence beneath our skin,
the chill cold-blooded-violence inside
the art of being unknown.

Never again
will we speak in such silent hymns!

Never again
will we turn away from the rapture
defining what we once were!

Enjoy the intrigue.

That dark unguided place
that made our thoughts
what they were meant to be,
the ghost of silence
that cultivated our influence
for resistance.

We are thieves
that drift lonely alone...

So be it.

Friday, January 18, 2019

The Way The Earth Runs

They try to get us
to follow their chain of command,
their normality,
but they're only linking us 
to places we don't belong.

We need a little skin in this game
(dark chicken taught me that).

It always tastes better 
when you have a hand in the flavor 
that art possesses.

So make them hear our words,
scream creativity loud enough...

Right. Fucking. Now!

It's time for them to finally listen
and obey us for once,
to learn the youthfulness 
inside our hearts still burning to exist 
on another level, another mindset,
that they are incapable of understanding.

So stay tuned.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Escape Button

I love this feeling,
this feeling of insanity
trying to break out of my skin or skull...

When your mind is the echo beating within.

What do you do when you plan to lose yourself?
What do you do when you no longer believe in yourself?

through and through dying days,
the same repetitions
and inconspicuous ways.

Never understood
always crossing lines,
forever trying 
to get someone, anyone, 
to feel the same way you do inside.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


You are such a worth of waste
of my time.

I am anxiety,
I am your lost mind.

You give a lonely thief air,
a reason to be
while these suffocating thoughts
taste only the colors you breathe.

You are a perfect blend of gorgeous
elevating colours of words
even Van Gogh couldn't explain.

I am your cliche, I am your ghost
seeping under once walled-up-doors
begging you to play.

My heart is strong enough now
that elephants could dance on it.

(Both of your favorite things).

I am your calamity,
and you are my lost feeling.

Yet still.

The rain makes me miss you.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Shy shy
always Chey,
behind brown eyes
a perfect woman, a perfect cry.

She speaks everything to me,
this is about someone,
this is about something.

An eternal despair,
my immortal counterpart
comparable to the luck we draw,
and lies beyond compare.

I still miss you
and our musical thoughts
meshed together,
through Radiohead and dark weather
until the day
you finally let us be

let us Drive... away
ending up somewhere cold
while I keep you warm
(because I know you still hate that).

Anything is better than now
better than this,
so let us separate from them
and our thoughts of past,
because we belong together in bliss.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Weather Changes

You were Alive...

for all the right reasons,
to support, and guide
all our lost souls
that meant everything to you.

Though taken for granted at times,
you always felt the right in all the wrong
inside each one of us,
pushing us to be better,
more clever
than anyone could ever understand.

shaped us
into everything we became to be,
and we thank you
and love you...

Through everything.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Weight Of Sound

Spill me your melody
your psyche,
then I'll throw my hook
reeling tragedy in.

Don't blame me
that our souls meshed together
faded the same.

To thrive
unlike any like-minds,
to learn what feeling truly means
while holding the screams inside.

It's no coincidence
that we were placed here to coexist.

Aligned through purpose
we're both an evil twist
in this plot called life,
to guide one another
through causes of concern...

To learn.
To burn.

Deplete the air
this moment taking breaths away,
asthma tendencies
for our psychedelic ways.

Curse these curtains of misfortune,
pulling down the shade of calamity
while rewriting the same,
to relive our past days.


we fated change.

you're the only sound I hope to fear
before we both disappear...

Monday, October 10, 2016


Who am I now?

An epic explosion
of wishful thinking
learning everything
surrounded by nothing
ripped up
torn apart
silence speaks
through picture frames
past dreams
of false being
learn me
use me
love me
lose me.

Still Me.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


I Don't Blame You
My Only Friend,
We're Nothing But Trouble.

As Far As I Can See...

You are my Mouthful of Diamonds,
You Are The Ocean
Washing off my Bloody Palms,
When I'm Small.

Now Let Me Go...

16 Years
All Dried Up,
Don't Move,
Make A Fist,
Fall In Love.

10,000 Claps
Celebrating Nothing,
The Day You Died.

Our Futuristic Casket
Turning Into Stone,
Running From The Cops,
Never Going Home.

Now Turn It Off...

Bad Dreams,
Black Out Days,
A Dark Tunnel,
With both of our Voices...

Howling At The Moon.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sleepwalk With Me

the way you bleed through me,
and call out our tendencies.

You're my scar,
the lioness of my life,
stitching up the thoughts
inside our eyes,
to coincide.

as frequent as the rain
is as often I think of you.

Are we ever going to be in love?

The real way,
when letting go
met our lips for the first time.

So stay here, stay feel,
remember our hearts together
while the world stands still.

Come hide behind my mask
while I stitch your face,
healing you with needles
through threads of my past.

Now you're safe.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thieve Me Please

Don't rhyme with me,
if you can't keep up.

Don't lie with me,
if you can't be up for it.

Night after night
dwelling lines of past...

gathering thoughts
harder, than you feel lost.

Now rhyme again,
with me in you're own way.

Particularly with conviction,
or I won't understand.

So stand, and laugh hard,
and speak proud
and sing loud!

To forgive our sound.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


always carries bad phone service,
and a bad attitude.
(My provider).

I can read her emotion
even via text,
words jumping, tower to tower,
hitting my screen
(With tears).

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Perfect Stranger

Can we get an appraisal
for how much we exist?

You are the princess of always,
so let's celebrate our chemistry.

Tell me you love me,
then breathe with me.

Share your tendencies
to make me feel alive again,
through feeling.

Kiss me to want me,
then bleach your past.

(Mine is darker than white can save).

So save me,
then take me,
past places words are allowed.

Who we are
is not their concern,
and who we are...

(They will never learn).

We belong here together
while our song remains the same,
so believe it, then dream it, that place

Where our hearts beat for sound.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Now let us swim
in the misery of our minds,
with backstrokes toward the past.

Maybe we can learn something there
and allow ourselves to move stylish toward the future,
free-flowing faster
to finally become who we truly are.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


rock kicks
same shoes
filled with shit.

Get ripped
wordless feelings
holding whys
cross-stitched together
free inside.

Time to Recover
for us to Shiiine
three eyes
two paths
one life...

Spilling time.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ray Ray Virgil

I love
top shelf liquor
and dancing
with werds
upon devils
inside blogs
outside boxes
around shapes
of usual
then go back
through crowds
of whiskey
to dancing.

Monday, November 18, 2013


Say what you mean...

and do what you should have said.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Just be yourself

be what you will

it's your life

it's your time

you wouldn't be anything a
t all

without you

and your mind

and your selfish pride sometimes

it gives you strength

and the will

to survive

this is your window

to the world.

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Year, Zero

I feel as if…
dots resemble years.
Like I’ve spent my whole life asleep,
now awake.

Pinched by an event,
a wake up call,
calling the talent inside
to come flying out.

Wish the phone would ring every day
with you on the other end,
to reset my mind,
and light that fire to be better
every hour, not every year.

No more waiting...
it's time to change clothes,
and stop wearing the weight
they bring.

Ready now,
to show them all!
What real creativity sounds like
through sound.

So you lead, and I'll follow.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


blood                        feel
 blood                        feel
  blood                        feel
ink                            sink
 ink                            sink
  ink                            sink
write              D          lie
 write           E  A         lie
  write        T      S         lie
tear          I           O    fear
 tear      N               N   fear
  tear  U                    E  fear

Thursday, December 20, 2012

When the World Ends

When the world ends,
all the knives will be washed away,
so no taking the easy route,
as we're in this together.

Now uncover the filter to your words,
speak all the lines you've never said
to all those people unwilling to hear.

Document your life's diary
by seeping it into someone else's mind,
so when all the pages written are lost
our calendars will live on
inside one another.

Leaving no regrets behind
we can all wear smiles on our souls,
for transfer attire.

Then on that day
when we finally meet again,
we can all high-five ourselves
in the clouds.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

United at Different

United at different
dangerous minds collide,
adhering together now
for life.

So take me with your every day
hand in hand for this ride we believe,
mixing our chemicals with words
creating a love, unheard.

Now we begin...
the first day of our last days,
immortal as one.

Through a sound portal of fear
together we'll rise,
where there's more to be had
never to end,
sparked from this beginning's end.

You are the perfect drug
stimulating me still,
without a sound
breathing words that make my eyes close,
a feeling so hard, still undefined.

'Til death do us part
ignite the fire felt inside our chests,
then forever apart we'll always be

From the rest.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Baddest Dude In The Sky

For a while there,
I was lost.

Words wouldn't work.
I had to lose myself to find myself again.

Still here.

Now reality sets in,
you're gone...

An unbreakable force
without a trace,
still always in our hearts
for a time, forever long.

Traced now,
are four perfectly painted faces
half resembling you,
with all you created
and brought out in each smiling one.

Your soul was larger than life,
and the great times we had were countless.

We were all brothers united at different,
and the difference was you,
set apart from the rest.

Always looking up to you,
I saw a life lived the way it should be.

So now I'm going to try and make you proud,
by bringing out the best in everyone
the way you did for me.

From now on,
we’ll be together in words.

I know we'll all hear your laughs,

And until that day
our souls again unite,
you'll always be...

The baddest dude in the sky.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Her Dream

If this ink dripped on you,
would judgement turn without thought?
If I saved your life, in the next life,
would you then take the time to listen?

(Unblocked by your fear, of what could be).

In this moment, we're already there.
Just waiting for your nightlight to kick,
and push away your fear of the unknown
that darkness brings.

Worried minds
forever evolve dead ends.
Leaving you nearsighted with thought,
still farsighted from what's real.

Open hearts in confidence,
hold keys that break down walls.
Leading certain paths for you to create
all they believe not possible.

(Using everything I know, you hold inside).

Monday, October 22, 2012


is overrated,
Out Loud.

We live in minds,
though strange it seems

Gasp the breath of you
already taken in before spoken,
descending the idea of you
faster than a right hand can type: y.o.u.

Captions of your monologue
now throttled back,
making room for the thoughts that matter
to finally be conveyed.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


If I had shoes 

that cured wounds,

I would dance on you.

Without words, without hurt,

without sound...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Riot me this
(off the record).

Why are women best friends with curbs,
behind wheels?