Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Weight Of Sound

Spill me your melody
your psyche,
then I'll throw my hook
reeling tragedy in.

Don't blame me
that our souls meshed together
faded the same.

To thrive
unlike any like-minds,
to learn what feeling truly means
while holding the screams inside.

It's no coincidence,
that we were placed here to coexist.

Aligned through purpose,
we're both an evil twist
in this plot called life,
to guide one another
through causes of concern.

To learn.
To burn.

Deplete the air,
this moment
taking breaths away,
asthma tendencies
for our psychedelic ways.

Curse these curtains of misfortune,
pulling down the shade of calamity
rewriting the same,
to relive our past days.


we fated change.

you're the only sound I hope to fear,
before we both disappear...