Friday, July 6, 2012


Washing out water with water,
think of who you are.

Be the ramble on their tongues.
Throw inadequate judgments aside.
Be an epic poem without meaning.
Describe the face without words.
Careless, cunning, and unfair.

Feel without touch.
Learn your false truth.
Laugh you're alive.
Sleep when you're dead.

Create the uncreatable.
Leave the past behind.
Act out lucid dreams.
Be free in your playground.
Their minds.

Pretend to love.
Tear down walls.
Whisper loud.
Cry silence.

Walk above fear.
Dress for danger.
Talk without age, and kiss rage.
Pluralize lone.

Shake hands with heroes.
Use lethal thoughts.
Fuel the extinguished.
The lost.

Pierce superficial meaning.
Learn and forget.
Play with the weak.
Spill paper black, without ink.

Fall with style.
Hurt without pain.
Grieve with a grin.

Damage materialism.
Make up isms.
Dress without matching, naked.

Dig for maps, and treasure direction.
Make up your own language.
Speak without sound.
Be profound.

Always play with their minds.