Monday, September 17, 2012

We're the Drug

With water now under the bridge,
we're baring skin to sound.

We're the drug
feeding off of night,
preying on thoughts unheard,
to be spoken out loud.

Unfiltered in disregard,
consequence no longer exists.

We're the drug
vaulted above the rest,
painting ceilings with thoughts,
building cathedrals with words.

Become the voice
allowing us in,
our favorite brush
shading color for movement.

Our timeless vision
time be let out,
swaying emotions never before felt,
tucked away until now.

We're the drug
lawless in mind,
with purpose we rise,
violating all that's said be normal,
one line at a time.

An understanding within,
misunderstood by them.

We're the drug undenied, 
the anecdote for change.
Art gets unburied here,
the time is now!